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Tips for Making Sure Your Sump Pump is Working
November 16, 2016

One of the main causes of basement flooding, is from a sump pump failure. These examples can happen from the power going out, from heavy rainfall and outside flooding, old age, frozen or clogged pipe, lack of maintenance, or it was installed wrong.

The way a sump pump works is pretty basic. Your basement has a drain system around the perimeter of the outside wall that feeds into the sump pump. In the corner of your basement, there is a hole dug and a sump pump is placed in order to capture and pump out that water. The pit can fill up from rain, for example, and the pump will switch on and pump the water into various pipes that feed out away from your home’s foundation. It is a very simple mechanism.

The key to avoid failure all comes down to maintenance. Some of these problems can just occur, and are hard to avoid, but the odds are in your favor if it is something you regularly keep an eye on. It is always a good idea to do regular checks on the pump. The best way is to simply lift the float up and the pump should come on. If not, then you will need to find out why it is not working. Here are some other tips:

  1. Try to check the pump for particles and debris by properly cleaning it
  2. There is a float switch on the sump pump, make sure it is not restricted
  3. Clean all the vents and spaces to allow it to function at its best
  4. Have a battery backup in case of a power outage to ensure your sump pump can still run

Again, sump pumps sometimes fail, and it is not a reflection on you! In order to have a good chance of it NOT failing, just make sure to maintenance, and as always, call a professional if there are any possible questions as to whether you are having an issue or fear.

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