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Summer & Home Problems
June 20, 2017

Summer is such a beautiful time of year, but with wonderful weather comes many home problems at times. Here are a few problems that may happen and tips to help prevent them from being a big financial problem.


Summer heat and rain also force insects and rodents to find a way for cover in your home. Bees, wasp, mosquitoes, ants, and other insects will find their way in your house.

Taking away the easy access points of entry to your home is the most important step for preventing insects from coming in. Proper screening of doors and windows will help prevent insects from coming in. Good weather stripping will also help.


Mold is one of the biggest problems of the summer due to moisture during long rain periods. Warmer air and higher humidity teamed up with summer rainfall can create the perfect habitat for mold to grow in homes. Mold can cause problems with breathing, damage property, and cause health problems.

Properly maintaining home ventilation and preventing spaces for moisture to collect, mold growth can be prevented.

If mold does begin to show in your home, the best chance for eliminating it is to call a professional. The professionals at Duraclean Restoration Services specialize in mold remediation.


Basement flooding is a big problem in the summer for homeowners. With more rainy days in the summer moisture can find its way into your home’s basement causing unwanted home problems.

Cracks in the foundation or the ground may be too high, which allows water to pour down through windows or other openings.

For your flooding and mold needs, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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