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5 Tips to Prevent Mold
February 15, 2018

prevent mold

When it comes to mold in your home, we expect there to be many questions. How does it get there? How do I get rid of it? What can I do to prevent mold? Is it dangerous?

Mold can be beneficial in terms of medicine and some foods, but undetected in your walls, mold is not a friendly foe. Many times, mold comes from a variety of reasons, and we can help you understand how to keep it away from destroying your home. The biggest thing to understand is that mold can grow in places you cannot visibly see, like the backside of drywall, areas inside the walls around moist pipes, or above ceiling tiles.

Search for Possible Areas:
Look throughout your home and look for areas moisture or leaks could possibly occur. Is the basement flooding? Is there constant condensation in the kitchen window?

If it’s Wet, Dry it Now!
Without moisture, mold has no chance. When there are wet areas, take care of it immediately. When a basement floods after a heavy rainfall, the carpet should be dried within 24-48 hours; the sooner the better to prevent mold.

Ventilation is Key:
Giving your home breathing room can prevent the air from becoming humid. Check AC units and make sure they don’t produce moisture by checking them from time to time and cleaning them regularly. Open a window when washing dishes, or use the exhaust fan.

Direct Water Away:
The ground around your property may need to be grading away from your home. This simple fix can prevent water from seeping into your house undetected.

Clean Those Gutters:
When gutters are full or damaged, the water from rainfall is not being passed, but instead it is sitting in places above your house. Repair them if needed, and keep an eye out for water stains.

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